A waste policy review has been launched by Labour, setting out the areas of waste and recycling the party will consider featuring in its policy proposals for the 2015 election.

According to mrw.co.uk, a focus on resource efficiency and the opportunities for growth it presents form some of the key take-home points of the report, claiming the green economy is the ‘economy of the future’.

The party also expresses how the role of the government can play a part in improving procurement standards and how best to co-ordinate government policy on waste.

Furthermore, the review document considers how far England should go in reducing household waste sent to landfill – which can be reduced via the use of recycling bins at home and in the workplace – and whether England’s recycling targets should meet those of Scotland and Wales (70 per cent of household waste by 2025), cites recycle.org.uk.

David Palmer-Jones, chairman of the Environmental Services Association, welcomed the document: “The challenge now will be to develop detailed proposals that provide a sound framework for businesses to invest in building a circular economy.

“The document identifies some key issues here including the need for a sense of ambition and the urgent need to make Whitehall policy in this area more joined up than it currently is,” he added.

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