Residents on Ings Lane, Kinsley, have told how they haven’t had their rubbish collected for over a month.

Waste and recycling bins have been left overflowing ever since construction work began opposite their homes which restricted the path of rubbish collection vehicles. Resident, Kathleen Hardacre told how her bins hadn’t been emptied since the beginning of August, leaving her with rubbish piled up against her back door.

She said: “It’s not nice to have all of this smelly rubbish lying around, especially when my grandchildren come and visit. It’s not hygienic and is totally unacceptable.”

Mrs Hardacre added that she had complained to the local council on a number of occasions, but that it kept ‘passing the buck’ and wouldn’t take responsibility for the situation.

Hemsworth Town Councillor, Peter Hardacre called the situation ‘terrible’ and felt sorry for the residents who live there: “To have that much rubbish backed up is disgusting and something needs to be done to resolve the problem,” he said.

Glynn Humphries, service director for ‘Cleaner and Greener’- the council’s attempt to get the area cleaner  also apologised to the residents for the delay in their rubbish collections, according to, saying that arrangements will be made shortly.

The road is being blocked off by activity from Southdale Construction, which has been building on the estate for the last four months.

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