A Kent resident has welcomed a rule change at the city’s recycling facilities that had prompted her to alter her car.

Beryl Wood, 63, ended up having to paint over the lettering on the side of her vehicle. She did this after being told by the household waste centre on Ross Way that she would not be let in, as the car was a trade vehicle.

Ms Wood told thisiskent.co.uk: “The whole situation was just stupid. I wasn’t allowed in so I went home and painted the side of my car so you could no longer see the signs. I went back to the tip and was allowed in that time.”

She continued: “I dropped off my fridge, came back and the paint was still wet so I just cleaned it off again.”

Ms Wood, who is retired, said she had to resort to painting the vehicle as she couldn’t afford to buy another one.

Following the rule change, sign-written cars will now be allowed to enter the facility to reach the recycling bins and containers, however “commercial” vehicles still remain banned.

A spokesperson for Kent County Council said that they had listened to the concerns of residents and taken the action they deemed to be appropriate.

Driving instructor Jan Sterry was caught in a similar situation last month, when his vehicle was turned away from a Kent recycling facility for also being used for ‘trade’, according to kentonline.co.uk.

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