A High Court Judge in Cardiff has ruled against plans to force households to sort their recycling into at least five different bags, dailymail.co.uk reports.

Pressure groups including the Campaign for Real Recycling had been calling for legislation to force householders to separate their recycling into paper, metal, plastic, glass and non-recyclables, such as garden waste.

Mr Justice Hickinbottom threw out the request, however, saying that he would not enforce councils to take such action, as it was already “unambiguously clear” they already had the right to set their own rules on recycling dependent on resources and population, meaning such enforcement would not be required.

He added: “The obligation to set up separate collection of paper, metal, plastic and glass from 2015 is restricted by both the practicability and necessity requirements that also restrict the obligation in Article 10(2) to collect separately for the purposes of recovery,” letsrecycle.com reports.

As it stands, around four in ten homes around the UK are already using separate recycling bins for glass, plastics, paper and metal, but the ruling has ensured the remaining 60 per cent are not forced to follow suit.

In his ruling, Mr Justice Hickinbottom also refused the right of recycling campaigners to appeal the decision in the EU’s Court of Justice in Luxembourg, meaning the ruling is – effectively – final.

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