The Isle of Wight Council has called on the help of an engineering project management company to help boost recycling rates on the Island, reports.

The Council has already pledged to boost the volume of waste that finds its way into recycling bins from the current level of 28 per cent up closer to 60 per cent. It has also set its sights on diverting 86 per cent of rubbish away from landfill, as well as developing new and innovative ways of treating both household and commercial waste. For this it will utilise the help of AMEC, which already employs some 29,000 people in 40 countries.

A number of suggestions has already been put forward to help the Island achieve its goals, including the building of a new anaerobic digestion plant, shipping more rubbish to the mainland and replacing the existing gasification plant.

This has all been approached using a £1 million funding pot the Council set aside during its 2012/13 Budget. The money will not only be used to develop a business case but also appoint legal, technical and financial advisers to assist the cause.

Speaking after the partnership was secured, AMEC project manager Steve Blackburn, told “We are delighted to be working with the Council to help bring real environmental benefits to the Island.

“A key aspect of our work will be to view the Island’s waste holistically and seek efficiencies through managing commercial and industrial waste alongside municipal waste, The challenge is to ensure the end result represents the best technical solution and value for money for maximising recycling and composting, recovering energy and reducing waste sent to landfill.”

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