Brits are recycling a higher proportion of their household waste, according to new figures.

Statistics gathered by The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) suggested that 43.6 per cent of waste is now put in recycling bins, up from 43 per cent this year before.

The figures, based on the final quarter of 2012, show a slow and steady improvement for recycling in the UK.

However, in an interview with, a spokesperson from WasteWatch suggested that there was plenty more that could be done to improve recycling levels even further.

They said: “Up to 80 per cent of the waste we produce could be recycled, therefore significant improvements can be made to increase recycling such as improving collection services or collecting a wider range of materials.

“For householders, it makes good sense to recycle as it is good for society and the environment and it’s not cheaper to recycle than throw waste away. This saves councils money that can be ploughed into other services such as education and social care.” reports that the government is aiming for Britain to recycle 50 per cent of its household waste by 2020. At the current rate of improvement, this target would be missed by almost two per cent.

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