Harborough District Council in Leicestershire is binning a failing recycling scheme in favour of a newer, simpler approach.

Thisisleceistershire.co.uk writes that the council is to get rid of a complicated system that formerly required residents to use three separate recycling bins for their salvageable waste.

Instead it will introduce a singular blue-topped bin that is meant to take a wide range of recyclable goods, including plastic, tin, glass, cardboard, aerosols, cartons and plastic pots. They’ll also be a removable insert especially for paper items.

The blue-lidded wheelie bins will be used alongside the other two existing bins in the region – a green-lidded bin for garden waste, and a black-lidded one for non-recyclable waste, says harborough.gov.uk. The new bins will be wheeled out to residents throughout October.

While the old system paved the way for a bold new direction in kitchen waste recycling, the council was forced to concede that it ended up costing too much to continue. Within the space of a year, complaints about the three-binned approach increased dramatically and costs soared to nearly double per year, at £48,595.

Of the new scheme, councillor Janette Ackerley, the council’s recycling spokesman, said: “Residents in the district have always been enthusiastic about recycling which is fantastic.

“They told us they wanted to recycle plastics – such as bottles, yoghurt pots and margarine tubs. Thanks to these improvements we can recycle more and make things easier for people, who can put most of their recycling into a single bin rather than spend time sorting through it.”

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