Residents in Hampshire have been warned about bin men snooping through their rubbish, according to

It is reported that the local council has asked bin men in the area to check residents’ recycling bins to make sure there are no disallowed items in them. This includes materials such as cut grass and unwanted foliage.

The areas that are said to be under patrol include Southampton, Eastleigh, Fareham, Winchester and the New Forest.

According to a council report, residents in Southampton who don’t follow the rules will be subject to “enforcement measures”, whilst those in the New Forest will have notes attached to their bins if it doesn’t contain the correct waste. People in Eastleigh who don’t follow the protocol could also face an automatically-generated letter or a visit from a council officer.

Talking about the situation, Jonathan Isaby, political director of the Taypayers’ Alliance, told “One of the most basic services that people expect in return for their cash is for their rubbish to be collected.”

He added: “The idea that the councils are going to use rubbish police to rifle through people’s bins and spy on their waste will be especially alarming to local residents.

There is reportedly set to be no fine, however, for rubbish placed in the wrong bins, with the waste just going uncollected until the rules have been adhered to.

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