Revellers at this weekend’s Glastonbury event have 15,000 bins in which to dispose of their litter, reports

The huge number of waste facilities is a telling of what a huge occasion the festival has become, but also about the efforts gone to in a bid to keep the site clean. In total, the clean-up operation costs £780,000, so it is understandable that organisers want the crowd of nearly 180,000 partygoers to help them.

In addition to the multitude of bins on the festival site, there are also litter pickers who emerge at 6am to clean up – with the intention of recycling where possible. Nearly 1,900 tonnes of litter are expected to be collected over the course of the event.

Steve Russell-Yarde, offsite manager, described the festival as a “small town” and hailed the impact of Michael Eavis, saying: “Michael [Eavis] is the key person we all work to. He knows absolutely everything about what’s going on – and anyone who thinks otherwise is very much mistaken.”

Glastonbury, running from Wednesday 26th – Sunday 30th June this year, had a year off in 2012, but was a huge success the previous year, being critically acclaimed for the music on show and turning over more than £32 million.

According to, the main programme of music begins today (Friday) with acts including the Arctic Monkeys, Dizzee Rascal and Rita Ora. The predictably unreliable British weather delivered a day of rain on Thursday, but the outlook is believed to be brighter over the rest of the weekend.

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