A Glasgow recycling plant, which is worth £154 million, has been given the go-ahead.

Building of the Glasgow Recycling and Renewable Energy Centre can now begin as plans have been approved by local councillors.

The centre, which will convert 90 per cent of waste that residents place into their recycling bins into renewable energy, will be the first of its kind in the UK.

The facility, which will be built in the Polmadie area, is set to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 90,000 tonnes a year.

Talking about the facility, city council leader Gordon Matheson told heraldscotland.com: “Without this facility, we would be faced with the depressing prospect of piling millions of tonnes of waste into the ground over the coming years and we would also pay through the nose to do it.”

He continued: “The likes of Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands have the highest recycling rates in Europe. They have achieved this by embracing a mix of modern but proven technologies that boost recycling and recover energy… this is an approach that has huge potential in Glasgow.”

The plant is set to be completed by 2016 according to interserve.com and will is expected to bring 254 jobs to the area.

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