Households in Daventry and Northampton have had their lives made easier after local councils agreed they can use plastic bags inside food recycling bins, reports.

Back when the Daventry District Council announced it would be collecting food waste, locals were urged to line their recycling bins with wither biodegradable bags or newspaper to help with the composting process.

Many locals voiced concerns, however, that such methods would only serve to put obstacles in their way and discourage people from recycling as much as they otherwise would.

The Council then heeded their requests and announced they would still collect food recycling stored in surplus carrier bags as this was better in the long-run than seeing uptake decline.

The decision came after long discussions were held between councillors and representatives from the processing plant which is tasked with sorting the recycling. As the bags are separated from the food waste contained therein, it was decided that plastic carriers would be suitable for use without as they can then be packaged up and sent off for their own recycling.

This method will then mean that plastic liners can be used without impacting the plant’s environmental capacity.

Commenting on the results, environment portfolio holder for Daventry District Council, Cllr Daniel Cribbin, told “We hope this move will make it easier for more people in our district to use the weekly food recycling service.

“By using any surplus plastic bags to line their caddies, they will be recycled instead of otherwise being discarded in the black bin and ending up in landfill.”

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