As figures emerge that packaging recycling fell in 2012 compared to the previous year, five firms are now under investigation for failing to satisfy recycling requirements.

Reported by, the Environment Agency has identified five companies that have not been “meeting their obligations” under the PRN and PERN systems.

The investigation, which did not name the firms, forms the backdrop of falling recycling figures. Total recycling slipped from 6.52 million tonnes in 2011 to 6.49 million tonnes in 2012, while total material recovery fell to 6.97 million tonnes from a figures of 7.00 million tonnes in 2011, adds

Materials such as paper, glass, aluminium and plastics were all marginally down on the year, so those at home or in the workplace may have to make an extra effort to place all waste in the appropriate recycling bins in order to improve figures for next year.

Jane Bickerstaffe, director at Incpen, commented on the figures: “The fact that the rate of collection has slowed should act as a stimulus to get more consumer participation in collecting the main materials in kerbside and away-from-home.

“If you look at the packaging recycling rates across Europe over the last 10 years there are peaks and troughs. We need to appreciate that recycling rates are bound to vary depending on the economy, end-use demand, geography, density of population and even the weather,” she added.

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