People living in Fife are the best Scottish residents when it comes to recycling, according to new research.

Figures published by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) have indicated that 54 per cent of waste in the region was recycled in 2011. That puts it way above the national average of 40.1 per cent.

Councillors in Fife can take great pride for the work they’ve done encouraging residents to put waste in a recycle bin. Chris Ewing, who is the area’s senior manager for sustainability, has claimed the local authority is working on pushing recycling rates even higher.

He told “Once again Fifers are showing how committed they are to making better use of waste for the benefit of the environment and to save money, but there is more to do.”

The Scottish government wants local authorities to achieve a 50 per cent recycling target as soon as possible, rising to 60 per cent by 2020. reports that Fife was one of seven Scottish regions that recycled more than half of its waste in 2011.

Ewing claimed that Fife should be able to reach the 60 per cent mark within a couple of years thanks to new initiatives.

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