By sending nearly two-thirds of materials to incineration and landfill, Europe is ‘needlessly’ wasting valuable materials.

That’s the point being driven home by a report from Friends of the Earth Europe, cited by, which also suggests textiles is another group of materials that is being hugely wasted.

As a result, higher recycling targets need to be accompanied by targets for reuse and waste prevention if Europe has any chance of moving towards a zero-waste region.

By relying solely on raw materials, Europe should not be surprised if it has high carbon emissions, claims Ariadna Rodrigo, resource user campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe.

As a result, it remains imperative that people at home and in the workplace continue to use recycling bins to dispose of paper, plastic bottles and other recyclable materials.

She commented on the figures: “Europe is still stuck in a system where valuable materials, many of which come at a high environmental and social cost, end up in landfill or incineration.

“Recycling targets are a good start, but reusing products and materials and preventing waste in the first place won’t be the norm until we have EU targets for these too. There is an urgent need to fundamentally change EU policies and end our current wastefulness,” he added.

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