Rubbish can be a “profit centre”, according to the husband-and-wife team who have started up a new online marketplace.

The philosophy behind TradingWaste is to encourage firms to put their commercial waste into recycling bins, then sell the material – which might otherwise go to a landfill or waste-disposal firm – to organisations that can use it, reports

David Stapleton, who runs the business with his wife Emma, told the news site that he hopes environmental awareness will help inspire more firms to use the service.

He said: “Waste costs UK industry £15bn every year. If we can get companies to view rubbish as a profit centre in itself, we’ll have made a dramatic impact. The challenge will be overcoming the inertia that exists – when you’ve got a bin, you just chuck stuff in it.”

The idea is for TradingWaste to be like a dating site for rubbish, according to the Stapletons, with potentially useful materials being transferred between British firms and both parties saving money.

According to, the concept of harnessing the potential of waste materials was recently discussed by recycling minister Lord de Mauley, who said that waste has “become an increasingly valuable commodity”.

He went on to note that its growing value means sustainable methods often make business sense, as well as being environmentally the right thing to do.

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