Edinburgh councillors have promised to implement strict measures in order to boost levels of recycling.

The local authority recently introduced fortnightly landfill collections instead of weekly ones to encourage local residents to recycle.

Now, councillors have promised to crack down on locals trying to dump extra trash alongside their landfill bins. Bin men in the area have reportedly been ordered to return these additional bags of rubbish to residents and persistent offenders could even face a £50 fine.

In an interview with scotsman.com, a council source argued that these measures were necessary in order to encourage greater use of recycling bins.

They said: “We could quite easily take the bags away, but that would just encourage people to put out more waste the next time. There is a set amount of rubbish you can put in your wheelie bin. All across the country, that’s perfectly standard. You can’t put out more than you are allocated.

“We will empty your bin, but we won’t take away black bin bags which are excess waste. After the first couple of times, we will put it back in the wheelie bin.”

The fortnightly collections were introduced last Monday, shortly after the Scottish government launched its consultation on national landfill tax. According to letsrecycle.com, this devolved tax will be introduced in 2015.  

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