The City of Edinburgh Council may soon need to invest in new recycling bins as its existing facilities have been deemed insufficient, reports.

Recycling rates in Edinburgh have reached levels thought by some to, in fact, be “too good” after it emerged that more is being recycled than there is space to put it all. Furthermore, with bin collections being moved to a fortnightly cycle in some places, the issue has been compounded.

In recent months, the city set new records by saving £1 million in landfill costs and increasing its total refuse being recycled to 38 per cent. Now, locals have called for the council do play their part and do more to help alleviate the problem.

Environmental chiefs have also added their support, claiming that the Edinburgh residents should be commended for embracing recycling and that issues with collection should now be addressed, especially where communal bins are concerned.

One such supporter was local councillor Lesley Hinds, who told “I am very pleased that so many Edinburgh residents are embracing recycling, which is now at its highest rate ever.

“The number of overfilled bins has dropped drastically. However, there are some issues regarding communal bins. These are designed for the disposal of domestic household waste but there are instances of them being used inappropriately for large bulky items or trade waste and this is something we are addressing through enforcement action.”

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