Recycling chiefs in East Lindsey have set an ambitious target for the region. 

The district council’s new waste strategy hopes to send no waste to landfill, as well as maintain a recycling rate of at least 50 per cent up until 2020. Although the target has been described as ‘aspirational’, it is achievable, due to the fact that most of the waste which cannot be placed into recycling bins, will be incinerated by Lincolnshire County Council starting from this July.

Currently householders in East Lindsey dispose of 22,000 tonnes of residual waste, 10,000 tonnes of dry recyclables and 15,000 tonnes of garden waste. However the area could soon see recycling rates affected as it is suggested that the council may begin charging to collect lawn clippings and other green waste.

Currently the council offers residents in the area free garden waste bins, however it is said that there may soon be a charge for these. Speaking at a board meeting, Councillor Tony Bridges, portfolio holder for the environment, admitted that these changes could harm recycling rates, however said that there would be no negative impact on waste sent to landfill.

He told “Our approach to providing a free universal garden waste collection service may not be sustainable. Changing to a charged service would negatively affect our recycling percentage performance, but would not result in any increase in waste going to landfill.”

The council is currently consulting with the public on the green waste issue, with the final decision being made tomorrow (April 30th), according to

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