Thousands of rubbish and recycling bins in Dorset have been installed with microchips, it has been revealed.

The devices have been added so that it is easily known which bins belong to what properties. It is thought that the chips will gradually be added to bins throughout the country between now and 2015.

Dorset Waste Partnership, which is behind the new scheme, says it may introduce the technology onto bin lorries so the vehicles can link up with the chips on the bin. This would enable collection crews to see whether bins would have been empties.

The microchips are thought to be the same technology as was used in 70,000 wheelie bins across Bournemouth in 2006. The chips caused fears at the time that councils might use the technology to spy on residents, or introduce ‘pay as you throw taxes’, according to 

No such taxes were even implemented, however.

A spokesman for the council told that the technology wouldn’t be used for any underhand activities, saying: “The tags cannot and will not be used to ‘spy’ non what people are putting in their bins.”

He claimed that the council had been ‘upfront and open’ about the bins being tagged and said that users would receive guidelines with their bins. There will also be information included on its website and at its road shows.

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