Amber Valley District Council in Derbyshire is to introduce all-in-one collections for recycled materials, much to the delight of local residents.

New outdoor recycling bins are due to be delivered from the end of this month, removing the need for local residents to separate metal, glass and cardboard into different coloured boxes and bags, reports

The change comes following discussions with the council’s waste contractors Veolia, which noted it will still require garden waste to be separated.

Another new change exciting Amber Valley councillors is the relaxation of plastic recycling. When the new grey wheelie bins arrive, residents will also be able to put plastic in with the rest of their recycling for the very first time. Prior to this, it went to landfill.

“The much anticipated new all-in-one recycling bins will not only address residents’ wishes to be able to place all recycling into one container, they will also have no limit on the amount of extra recycling that can be put out on collection day,” explained Amber Valley’s green and thriving places councillor Martin Tomlinson.

“I am particularly pleased that we can now collect plastics from each home,” he added.

A statement on confirms that the new recycling arrangements come at no extra cost to the taxpayer. However it notes that there may be changes to the times bins are collected, so residents are advised to put out their rubbish before 6.30pm the previous night.

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