Derbyshire council has revealed that it isn’t going to clear up any dropped litter, as part of an anti-litter campaign. 

The council hopes the move will shock residents so much that it will stop them littering on the streets in future – placing their rubbish in waste or recycling bins.

The idea was the brainchild of the city council’s ruling cabinet member responsible for neighbourhoods, Ranjit Banwait. He said he hoped the campaign would create a sense of responsibility in the community, telling “We are currently developing a series of initiatives to highlight the work of our street cleansing section and to demonstrate what the city would look like without this vital service in operation.”

The ‘litter-stop’ will take place on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 of November, however a supervisor will still be on duty to clear away any hazardous material to keep in line with public safety.

Mr Banwait said that government cuts have meant the council is having to be ‘extremely clever’ in finding new ways to reduce the litter within the Derby area.

Recent reports by have told of the city’s litter problem, including many cases of fly-tipping by residents in the area.

Mr Banwait said he hoped this latest scheme would have a positive effect.


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