Derby’s recycling system is set to be overhauled to make it more simple.

The city council is planning to axe red, orange and blue bags in favour of one single recycling bin under the new measures. It is thought that the move could save the council around £465,000.

Cabinet members are set to discuss the plans next week. If they are approved, the 240-litre bins will be introduced at households in the Derby area over the next few months – taking effect from June 3rd.

Residents had asked for the changes to be made as they complained that recycling in the area is too complicated. The current system sees residents having to separate paper, textiles and cardboard into the different bags provided. However, the new measures would allow these materials to be placed in one recycling bin.

The council’s plans come after other regions have made moves to simplify their recycling systems. This includes Leicestershire back in August last year.

The new measures involved residents being able to place paper and plastic into the same bin. Guy Jackson, a cabinet member in the area, told at the time that he hoped to make recycling more convenient for Leicestershire residents.

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