It has been reported that recycling rates in Croydon have risen, reports.

The amount of rubbish placed into recycling bins in the area has risen by 10 per cent since the same period last year. This means that nearly half of the rubbish in the area is now recycled by residents.

Talking about the boost in the area’s recycling achievements, Councillor Phil Thomas, a cabinet member for highways and environmental services, told “A huge thank you goes to our residents for their excellent efforts with improving our recycling performance.”

The new figures come amid regulations recently brought in by the local council that make recycling compulsory. These measures were brought in due to the fact that sending waste to landfill, rather than recycling, costs £76 more per tonne – at £106 per tonne, compared to £30 per tonne respectively.

To aid its success, residents from roads in the area which have been identified as a priority will be given information by recycling officers. Those who fail to comply face an £80 fine, which could be reduced if paid early.

Councillor Thomas added: “The council needs to increase recycling rates because not only does it have environmental benefits, but it saves the council money. Recycling saves us £5 million every year in landfill costs.”

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