Residents in Coventry will have to recycle more waste if they want to keep their weekly collections, according to reports.

The government have granted the city with a £1 million loan, which will help fund collections from the recycling bins in the area each well, as well as go towards scheme to try and increase recycling rates.

These include a clubcard-type scheme which will reward residents with things such as shopping and leisure money-off vouchers of the percentage sent to landfill in the area is reduced.

The scheme, which is going to be implemented over the next five years, is the only one in the country to see rewards given to residents not dependent on how much they themselves recycle.

It will be used in place measures used in other areas, such as microchips stored the recycling bins, which detect how much rubbish residents recycle.

Talking about the proposals, Lindsley Harvard, Coventry City Council’s cabinet member for city services told “This scheme is unique because the rewards will be based upon the collective recycling and composting performance of the city as a whole. This simplifies the administration of the scheme and avoids the need for extra costs to fit barcodes or identify chips on bins.”

The news comes as it was revealed this month that Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has tried to encourage local councils to re-instate weekly bin collections with monetary incentives, according to

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