South Staffordshire District Council has urged residents in the area to check they are using the correct recycling bins.

The warning comes as it was revealed 150 residents a day in the area are putting the wrong bins out during the collections. This is around 4 per cent of all domestic recyclers in the area. It is said that homeowners are using new multi-purpose recycling bins that were delivered by the council last month, even though they aren’t supposed to be used until the start of April.

The new recycling bins, which allow residents to recycle all of their recycling together, are replacing the old system of a recycling box and newspaper bag, which meant homeowners had to separate materials.

Talking about the situation, Jackie Smith, the council’s director of environmental services, told “Approximately 150 properties per day are putting out their blue bin for collection. This is out of a total on average 4,500 properties which receive their recycling collection each day.

The Council claims that a leaflet came with every one of the new bins, stating that they are not to be used until April 1st. The date for the start of the new system was also included in the organisation’s newsletter.  

The new measures are said to be costing the council £880,000, however it is estimated that the bins will save the council around £15,000 per year. The move comes after other areas have recently tried to make their recycling services easier, including Derby and Torridge in Devon, according to

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