Colchester residents could soon benefit from a recycling awards scheme similar to that of Nectar Points, reports.

The local council has decided that using the stick as well as the carrot could prove beneficial for Colchester, with rewards being offered for those who fill their recycling bins regularly, as well as punishments being handed out to those who do not.

The issue of fining residents who do not recycle is a hotly contested one that faces many local councillors. Colchester is looking to sweeten the pill, however, by introducing a rewards scheme for those at the other end of the scale who recycle diligently.

Whilst the councillors are yet to pin down an exact way of rewarding its most ardent recyclers, the scheme currently being debated is one where householders collect points for recycling a large percentage of their household waste. Whilst taking inspiration from the Nectar scheme, Colchester council has also called on the services of Tesco to lend the experiences of its popular Clubcard.

Speaking to of the scheme, borough councillor responsible for waste, Martin Hunt, explained: “While it is important for me to have the power to issue the fixed penalty notices, we need to find a way where people who already recycle are rewarded.

“So at the moment, we are looking at using a Nectar point-style system for people who are recycling as an incentive. There are a lot of people in Colchester who are already doing the right things and that is why it is such a difficult decision to focus on people who are not.”

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