Coca-cola has announced that it will be recycling 10.5 million bottles that were used throughout the London 2012 Olympic Games, reports

It will use these bottles in the production of new bottle stock.

The drinks giant said it is carrying out the process to aid the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG). The organization wanted to deliver the most sustainable Olympic Games ever.   

Processing of the recycling is being carried out at the company’s new £15 million recycling facility. The joint venture with sustainable packaging firm, Eco Plastics, is estimated to save a total of 310 tonnes of carbon.

Coca-cola has been working with LOCOG on a number of different projects over the Olympic period. It helped to design the shape, style and position of recycling bins at London 2012 venues. The brand also made sure any of its drink at the venue were served in bottles that were 100 per cent recyclable.

Jon Woods, general manager of the brand for Britain and Ireland, told “As the longest, continuous sponsor of the Olympic Movement, we knew that our sponsorship provided a one-off opportunity to accelerate many of our sustainability initiatives in Great Britain.”

He added that the company wanted to encourage suppliers, customers and anyone else to adopt more sustainable behaviours.

A result survey that Coca-Cola commissioned from global information company Nielsen found that 70 per cent of the visitors at London 2012 said that on learning of the brands new recycling scheme, they would now be more likely to recycle at home.

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