A recycling scheme set up in Northumberland could see locals not only bettering the environment but also a local school, topix.com reports.

A UK-wide scheme has recently been announced by Kenco and TerraCycle in a bid to enable consumers to recycle waste from all brands of coffee packaging for the first time ever.

Now, the scheme has rolled into Berwick-upon-Tweed, where locals from Wooler and Glendale are being urged to take their waste to the Coffee Packaging Brigade recycling bins situated at the nearby Cheviot Centre for sorting.

The waste will not only help reduce the volume headed to landfill, but will also raise funds for the nearby Wooler First School, as each returned item will be worth money. The amount is worked out using a scheme where the weight of recycled items is transferred into points, which are then redeemable for cash to be donated to the school.

“Two TerraCycle points are earned for the weight of each coffee packaging unit that is returned, with each point being redeemable for a one pence contribution,” PTA member Dave Sage, who was instrumental in bringing the scheme to Wooler told berwick-advertiser.co.uk.

“All the money will go to Wooler First School which will be used for additional classroom resources and extra-curricular activities, so we encourage local people to drop off all their coffee packaging waste. The aim is not only to save as much coffee packaging waste from landfill as possible but also to raise as much as possible for the local school.”

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