Drinks giant Coca-Cola has announced it is to fund pioneering research into consumer behaviour for recycling, greenwisebusiness.co.uk reports.

The manufacturer has long sought to reduce its own carbon footprint, having recently imposed a target on itself to reduce carbon emissions a third by 2010. It has since reduced the volume of water needed to make each litre of its products and cut the carbon footprint for the UK alone by 11 per cent.

Coca-Cola’s latest step in achieving its goal will include researching consumer behaviour where recycling is concerned. It is hoped that the results of this unique and in-depth study will offer all businesses more information to help ensure their packages and materials end up in recycling bins after use.

Entitled ‘Recycle for the Future’, the study will be undertaken alongside researchers from the University of Exeter. It will see a total of 20 households measured to ascertain their recycling habits and get behind the reasons for each decision. The test group will be made up of 10 households in London and a further 10 in Normandy, France.

Coca-Cola announced that it is researching the issue in such depths in a bid to get into the “black box” of the household to see what exactly is prompting the decisions on whether or not to recycle.

Commenting on the study, director of sustainability at Coca-Cola, Joe Franses, told recyclinginternational.com: “Recycle for the Future is groundbreaking research for us.

“Across our business we put onto the marketplace 12 billion bottles and cans every single week. But when you look at the value chain, packaging accounts for 48 per cent of the carbon footprint of the drink in your hand, so reducing the carbon footprint of that bottle through the simple act of recycling is absolutely fundamental to bringing that carbon footprint down.”

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