The government should step in to best ensure greater waste volumes are recycled, CIWEM has claimed.

The Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) has called on the government to do more when it comes to improving recycling levels, reports.

It claimed that responsibility for the objective of reaching zero waste should not solely fall on the recycling sector, but that it should be helped along by government wherever possible.

Such examples given were improvements in recycling volumes at the design and production phase to cut waste throughout the remainder of the supply chain. These manufacturers could also be forced to re-assess their methods on the least sustainable products and services.

Elsewhere, it called for SMEs to be provided with the advice and support needed to improve efficiency themselves – which could be something as easy as the supply of office recycling bins.

Issuing the claims, CIWEM executive director Nick Reeves told “We welcome the shadow waste and water minister’s recent proposal for an Office for Resource Security and pledge to join up policy and drive action across Whitehall.

“This support for the circular economy is a step in the right direction. We need to stop measuring success by the balance sheet and get a proper fix on our place in a world that is running on empty.”

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