Town planners have given the go ahead for a new recycling facility in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, reports.

Councillors agreed to a planning application which outlined developments to the Greystones site on Burford Road, with only minor amendments made to the initial proposals. It is hoped the new addition will save local residents from having to make the 30-mile round trip to their nearest plant following the closure of Dean Pit in September last year.

Not only will the new centre be closer for many residents but also offer a much greater range of materials they will be able to recycle, with facilities available for those items which are not currently collected from household recycling bins.

Whilst the facility has been granted permission, a debate is still raging over its access routes, however, with councillors still calling for the strip of access land which is currently owned by the council to be widened. The district council has outlined plans to rent it from the town council but as yet no agreement has been reached.

Speaking after permission was granted, local councillor David Harvey told “West Oxfordshire residents are keen recyclers and the proposed new centre would see an increase in the range of materials that can be recycled.

“For residents living in the Chipping Norton area it would reduce travel time as currently they need to drive to Banbury or Stanton Harcourt to dispose of some of their recycling materials.”

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