Cheltenham council has been forced to allocate more funds towards a kerbside recycling scheme after a higher-than-expected take up was observed. says the borough council had initially paid for the use of six trucks and six crews to help empty the recycling bins. However, a huge demand for the service means the council will now have to spend an extra £140,000 of its £2 million budget in commissioning another vehicle.

The fact residents of Cheltenham are more than willing to recycle their waste should be viewed as a clear positive for the council, yet the truck saga represents another huge misjudgment on its part.

Earlier this year local officials admitted to making the “wrong” decision when an ambitious garden waste recycling scheme failed to generate the required interest. claims residents were issued with a 240-litre bin for storing grass cuttings, leaves, twigs, bark, plants and flowers.

The council had expected 20,000 bins to be snapped by 2013 through a subscription service, but just 12,000 people in the town currently own a container. This left 9,600 brown garden waste bins in storage, costing the council £150,000.

Cheltenham council now hopes its kerbside recycling scheme will continue to generate interest and paint a better picture for its waste management department. 

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