A Carlisle resident has been taken to court after he was found to have dumped 17 bags of litter.

Council chiefs said they are getting tougher in the fight against littering and fly tipping which has been happening frequently in the area, according to hexhamourant.co.uk.

Fifty-four year-old Kenneth Johnson of the Raffles areas was prosecuted for dumping the rubbish at Burgh-by-Sands after evidence linking to him was found. He was forced to pay £130 towards court costs and compensation under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

The city council said the case was necessary in order to take its campaign against litter to the next level. It hopes the scheme will persuade residents to place their rubbish in the waste or recycling bins that are provided.

A spokeswoman for the Environment Health Service who has been helping to patrol the city centre said that it issued seven penalty notices to people dropping litter within just one hour. On-the-spot fines issued can be up to the sum of £80, whereas court charges can reach £2,500.

Elsie Martlew, the councillor responsible for the environment, told timesandstar.co.uk: “Our workforce does a great job – the deep clean of the city centre and Botchergate, alongside their daily programme of street cleaning, is a testament to their hard work.”

In addition to the campaign, street cleaners in the area have been issued new equipment, costing £420,000, in the hope of defeating litter louts.

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