The Welsh government has confirmed that a quarter of the Prosiect Gwyrdd incinerator’s required funding has been secured, reports

This represents more than £105 million over the course of 25 years and shows the support for the project, which will create energy from waste at Trident Park in Cardiff. It is all but agreed that Viridor will take charge of the centre, having been provisionally appointed, then made ‘preferred bidder’ earlier this year.

By pushing so much cash into this type of technology, Wales can compound its recycling efforts with moves to gain value from non-recyclable materials. Whether people are throwing items in a recycling bin or a regular internal bin, it could have a positive outcome.

Prosiect Gwyrdd is predicted to burn 172,000 tonnes of waste each year, which could create sufficient energy for a town the size of Christchurch (in Dorset). According to, it will help meet recycling targets and also save five local councils £500 million over the 25 years.

Caerphilly, Cardiff, Monmounthshire, Newport and the Vale of Glamorgan local authorities are expected to meet the other three-quarters of the project’s cost (around £300 million), so the savings will be well received.

Alun Davies, Welsh government minister for natural resources, said: “We are working hard to ensure that we prevent, minimise, reuse or recycle as much of our waste as possible. However, for the waste left over, it is far better to use it to create energy that can power our homes and businesses than to bury it in the ground.”

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