Cardiff has taken the title of Britain’s Greenest City after being found to recycle more than any other, reports.

The chart was created following a survey conducted by Nampak Plastics of more than 2,300 from around the UK. Respondents were quizzed on their opinions of recycling, as well as their own personal habits in order to create a run down of the most ecologically-minded cities in the UK.

Cardiff eventually took the top spot, with some 66 per cent of household waste thought to be recycled in the Welsh capital. Following closely behind was Nottingham with 61 per cent, whilst Newcastle and Brighton had to share the third position, having both scored 60 per cent.

Specifically, the over 55s were among the greenest of all, having recycled around 67 per cent of their household waste. By comparison, only 47 per cent of waste from 16 to 25 year olds found its way to the recycling bins.

Commenting on the findings, managing director of Nampak plastics, Eric Collins, told “Our congratulations go to Cardiff for their fantastic recycling record.

“We’d urge businesses and consumers across the country to take their lead and continue to opt for the most environmentally-friendly materials and practices.”

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