The importance of recycling metal packaging is being emphasised to residents in Kent through a new campaign, reports.

MetalMatters aims to educate homeowners about what happens to the tins, foil packs and aluminium spray cans that are recycled, in an attempt to encourage greater numbers to dispose of them correctly via their kitchen recycling bins rather than include them in the general waste that goes to landfill.

The idea is to highlight metal packaging as valuable recyclates, councillor Paul Barrington-King said – and to increase kerbside recycling capture rates.

The campaign will no doubt emphasise the message that recycling metal can save a significant 95 per cent of the energy used to produce new metal products and is thus one of the most financially rewarding recycling materials.

A campaign launched in conjunction with the Kent Waste Partnership will run until December and incorporates a leaflet drop to 630,000 homes across the county, local advertising and ‘awareness-raising events’. Material will carry the tag line: ‘make your metals matter’.

Throughout 2012, five MetalMatters campaigns have been run in the UK, reaching an estimated 1.5 million people. However, the Kent launch is considered the most ambitious to date, so much so that Minister for Resources, Lord de Mauley, said that he will follow the campaign ‘with interest to see what it achieves’.

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