Prime Minister David Cameron believes energy efficiency and renewable energy is the way forward so the UK needs to prioritise growth in these industries.

Speaking at the launch of an energy efficiency programme on Monday, Cameron took a swipe at energy efficiency naysayers, stating that there are “those who say we cannot afford to prioritise green energy right now, my view is we can’t afford not to”, cites

Every little bit helps when it comes to keeping Britain green, whether it is making use of the Green Deal on a property or simply putting recyclable litter in recycling bins to be used again.

According to the Confederation of British Industry, the green economy is now worth an impressive £120 billion a year and was one of the few areas of the economy to experience growth in 2012, adds

John Alker, director of policy and communications at the UK Green Building Council welcomed Cameron’s comments.

He said: “We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the Prime Minister nailing his colours to the mast on energy efficiency, which is hugely welcome. It gives industry more confidence that the Government does take this issue seriously, which is urgently needed if businesses are going to invest and innovate.

“Now Cameron needs to stand up to those in Government who simply don’t ‘get it’ and follow up the rhetoric with delivery,” he added.

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