Liberal Democrats are calling on local councillors to be more open with residents on where recycling ultimately ends up, reports.

A number of recent schemes have aimed to highlight where recycled material goes after it has been treated, with the interest around the subject hoped to encourage more people to recycle their household or business waste.

Now, Lib Dems have put their weight behind a similar campaign that will mean local councils have to be a little more open and transparent when it comes to explaining where such materials end up.

In doing this, it has been claimed, individuals would not only be more aware of the process after their recycling bins have been collected, but will also inform people of where in the world such materials are sorted.

Despite there being large-scale sorting facilities in the UK, Idle and Thankley councillor Alun Griffiths claimed that some materials are sorted in foreign countries by people earning “a pittance”. Councillors that are more honest about where such material ends up, however, will then be more accountable in the eyes of their constituents, he claimed.

“Everyone knows that recycling their rubbish is the right thing to do, but most people are completely unaware of what happens to their recycling after hey have put it out,” Griffiths told

“This new charter which has been developed by the Resource Association will let people know where their recycled materials have gone and hopefully encourage them to recycle more. There is clearly a demand for people to know what happens to their recycling. I am hoping to persuade fellow councillors to support the Lib Dems and let’s make sure we can be confident about what happens to our recycling.”

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