Brighton and Hove Council has ruled out seagull-culling as an option for waste reduction.

It has been trying to come up with new ideas regarding the area’s waste, however has said that getting rid of the gulls wouldn’t be considered an option. Instead, it will advise local residents about how to stop the birds from nesting.

The gulls are considered a nuisance by some as they help pick litter from waste or recycling bins and spread it across the streets.

In a report released ahead of a Community Safety Forum that takes place today (October 8th), the council discussed waste measures that could be considered – including ‘seagull-proof’ bin bags and communal bins.

According to, the report said: “The council has piloted communal bins in the city centre, which is reducing the amount of domestic food waste in our streets. The city domestic refuse services have also been piloting collapsible bins for households, seagull-proof bins sack and wheelie bins.”

A spokeswoman for the facility said that a 2011 pilot communal recycling scheme achieved an 87 per cent positive response from residents. It is thought that this scheme might now be extended until 2013.

What’s more, the council is against using firearms on the birds due to ‘safety implications’. It is also noted on that the birds are protected under The Wildlife and Country Act. 

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