Bournemouth City Council has unveiled its new opt-in scheme for food recycling that is hoped will boost the quality of the end product, reports.

After securing a £7.1 million government grant, the local council has revealed its latest scheme for food waste recycling that it will permit residents to opt-in to, as opposed to being forced.

Any residents that do want to get involved will then be presented with a new container which fits into their existing recycling bins, along with a kitchen caddy and compostible caddy liners.

As food waste makes up the largest part of all recycling currently collected in Bournemouth (38 per cent), it is hoped the new method will see recycling levels improved. This will be achieved by ensuring the end product is of better quality through separating such items as food and cardboard waste.

Speaking at the unveiling of the new approach, cabinet minister with responsibility for technical services, Cllr Michael Filer, told “The message to residents is, we’re carrying on with our excellent service, but it’s going to get better.

“I want to thank residents for all their help in making us such a top performing authority and stress that the weekly collection of our residual waste will continue as before. As far ahead as we can see, it will stay weekly. That’s Bournemouth’s policy and we’re proud of it.”

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