New statistics show that Bournemouth residents are recycling more garden waste than ever.

Data released shows that 4,849 tonnes of green waste was collected in recycling bins in 2012, as part of Bournemouth council’s Green Waste Scheme.

This was a considerate increase on levels collected in 2011, when 3,981 tonnes of green waste was composted. The council hope this figure will increase even more in 2013, as the scheme has now expanded to cover 30,000 households.

Talking about the scheme’s success, Councillor Michael Filer, cabinet member for cleansing and waste, told “I am delighted to see so many residents of Bournemouth are keep gardeners and want to do the right thing when disposing of all their green waste.”

He continued: “It is pleasing to be able to offer everyone on our waiting list the chance to join our green waste scheme as together we can recycle more.”

According to, those participating in the scheme are given recycling bins; wherein waste such as grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, plant and flower cuttings, leaves and small branches and twigs can be placed.

New applicants to the scheme will be notified this month on whether they’ve been successful 

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