A Birmingham man is succeeding in his challenge to accumulate less than one bin bag’s worth of non-recyclable rubbish all year.

John Newson, who is a keen member of Birmingham Friends of the Earth, has only filled half a bin bag full of waste since he began his challenge in January. All the rest of the waste he has created has either been composted or put in a recycle bin. 

In an interview with birminghammail.net, Newson claimed that he was curious to see just how green it was possible to be.

He said: “I just wondered, if you compost absolutely everything that will rot and recycle everything you can, what will you be left with? I wanted to push myself to an extreme to see how far I could go.

“I’m not doing this to score points off any other household in Birmingham, I’m just asking what could we feasibly get our recycling rate up to? As council tax payers we are the ones who pay for all this so we should be asking these questions.”

Birminghamfoe.org.uk reports that Newson has been giving any re-usable waste to charity shops; in addition to washing and squashing down any plastic packaging that can’t be recycled.

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