Asda, Boots and Kellogg’s are all teaming up, along with other retailers and manufacturers, to actively reduce the amount of surplus food being wasted in Britain.

Reported by, the big names have formed a new industry group in order to discuss current systems and possible solutions that could increase the UK’s food redistribution.

Andy Dawe, chair of the industry working group, believes that preventing waste not only saves money in a time of uncertainty but it also helps with environmental savings.

In addition, by increasing food redistribution, the poorest in society will benefit and perfectly good food going to waste will be a thing of a past. Thanks to the number of big names teaming up, Dawe hopes the group can “find the best solutions that we hope will lead to increased redistribution”.

As well as the supply chain helping to reduce waste, consumers can help by placing recyclable materials in their recycling bins.

Resource management Minister Lord de Mauley commented on the group: “Preventing food waste protects the environment and makes good business sense.

“Surplus food is an inevitable part of a secure supply chain and this is an excellent means of putting it to good use. I welcome the launch of this working group and look forward to hearing of its progress later this year,” he added.

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