New figures reveal that half of UK local authorities now offer kerbside recycling of beverage cartons, marking a 12-fold increase from 2006.

According to, a decision by Ceredigion County Council to add cartons to its collection of kerbside recycling bins means that 203 out of 406 local authorities now offer such a service.

These figures help to usher in a first for the UK, with the region’s first beverage carton recycling facility set to open.

Reported by, the 25,000 tonne per year capacity recycling plant will be located near Halifax, West Yorkshire and will allow the cartons to be recycled in the UK for the first time. The facility will be a new avenue for local councils and their contractors not looking to export waste to other facilities overseas.

Richard Hands, chief executive of ACE UK, commented on the opening of the plant: “In the year that the UK’s only dedicated recycling facility for cartons is scheduled to open, we are extremely pleased that our strategy to increase kerbside collection and make it easier for residents to recycle cartons is also paying dividends.”

According to ACE, around 60,000 tonnes of paper-based cartons are used in the UK to package milk, fruit juice and an increasingly wider range of food products.

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