A campaigner protesting for cleaner beaches in Cornwall has inspired the local Council to take action.

As well as the council, Mike Rezanoff contacted David Cameron, Nick Clegg, St. Austell MP Stephen Gillbert and the Friends of Par Beach complaining about the poor conditions of the local beach.

The 35-year-old from Gloucestershire, who owns a holiday home in the Par area, photographed litter that was spilling out of rubbish and recycling bins and was strewn all over the beach, which included plastic bottles, old clothing and ‘hazardous waste’.

Mr Rezanoff told thisiscornwall.co.uk just after he had taken the photographs: “Cornwall Council has a very disappointing approach; it simply hasn’t done anything noticeable to address these matters.”

The Council had blamed the extra litter on the site due to tides washing the rubbish in, however the problem should now be resolved as  the beach will now be cleaned weekly or daily during half-term holidays.

The implementations were put into place after David Attwell, the main officer for the Council’s Environment Service made a visit to the site on September 6.

The news comes after volunteers helped clean up another Cornwall beach, Watergate Bay, this week after complaints of litter there, itv.com reports.

Mr Rezanoff has thanked Mr Atwell for his help and said the beach will be a nicer place to visit in future now.

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