Over 30 traders in Bath city centre have been urged to check their rubbish is being put out at the right time following recent complaints, reports thisisbath.co.uk.

Bath and North East Somerset council was forced into conducting inspections around the area after residents voiced their concerns over waste cluttering the streets. After finding that many businesses were offloading their bags of rubbish on the wrong days, officials issued a series of warnings to the repeat offenders.

Councillors have dished out final warning letters to 36 companies that are said to have ignored rules regarding trade waste. Meanwhile a further four businesses have received legal notices after failing to acknowledge their final warnings.

Cited by bathnes.gov.uk, Oldfield councillor David Dixon said the message was simple – companies must put their trade waste out at the agreed times or face the consequences.

He claimed to have witnessed numerous examples of litter and food lying around after spilling out onto the street. Of course, businesses could rectify this by putting their waste in external bins and taking them out at the correct time.

“The council has been really clear to businesses about the expectations of the community. Ignoring us will result in being hit in the pocket or taken to court,” added Mr Dixon.

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