Bath residents will soon be permitted to put small electrical appliances into their recycling bins for collection, reports.

After research found that many recyclable items are thrown away by Bath’s residents, the local council agreed to expand its collection remit to also welcome small electronic goods. These will then be broken down before each separate component part is sent off to be recycled. Any items that are still in good working order can also be given to charity.

As a rule of thumb, the council said that items which can fit inside a standard plastic carrier bag would be fine to put in the recycling bins. Specifically, this list of suitable items include blenders, calculators, cameras, chargers, digiboxes, electronic toothbrushes, hair straighteners, hi-fi equipment, irons, kettles, power tools, shavers, telephones and torches.

On the other hand, TVs, microwaves, PCs and washing machines have been dubbed too large and therefore will not be collected.

Cabinet member for neighbourhoods, councillor David Dixon, told how it was “important” that Bath & North East Somerset Council makes recycling “as easy and convenient as possible for local people” in order to help increase recycling levels in the area.

“This is why we have added this new collection,” he added. “Last year our residents recycled 537 tonnes of small electricals by taking them to our recycling centres. But we still find lots get thrown away.

“It is a waste to throw these away because they can be recycled and made into new things using their valuable metals and plastics. For example, one clothes iron can provide enough steel to make 13 new steel cans.”

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