A Kent borough is aiming to improve its recycling rate. 

Recycling chiefs from Ashford are planning to implement new recycling measures which they hope with boost the amount of rubbish placed in recycling bins. The local council is set to spend £86 million over the next ten years in the hope of doubling its recycling rates. 

The measures come after the area was found to be the worst for recycling last three years. Talking about the situation last year, Councillor Gerry Clarkson told kentonline.co.uk: “We know that Ashford has fallen behind the rest of the country and we have a duty to catch up. That is why we have planned to greatly improve our recycling by the introduction of a new recycling service in 2013.”

Three separate recycling bins are now set to be introduced to the region – one for household waste and recyclables and two for food waste. Refuse and recycling bins will be emptied fortnightly and the food waste collection will be weekly.

Detailed information about the bins is set to bet sent out to residents shortly, however collections are not scheduled to begin until July. A fortnightly garden waste collection will also be available to residents in the area, however this will come with a £30 charge and residents will need to register by April 27th for this service.

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