Recycling bosses in Aberdeen are dedicating £25 million worth of funding to back schemes in the area.

A number of projects have been put into place, which hope to help the council meet its target of becoming a “zero landfill” city by 2016. These include a £5 million plant that will generate energy from waste, a £3.5 million composting site, £6 million for a materials recovery facility and £1.5 million on ‘co-mingled’ recycling. A further £3 million is being set aside to be spent on household waste placed into recycling bins.

The local authority will also be expanding recycling and food waste collections to everyone in the city. The new measures follow regulations brought in by the Scottish government last year which ban biodegradable waste going to landfill by 2020.

Talking about the funding, Peter Lawrence, the local authority’s waste and recycling manager, said that it would help Aberdeen lead the way in the recycling facilities that it offers.

He told “The Scottish government has set all authorities across Scotland the task of 70 per cent recycling and we are absolutely committed to doing everything we can to achieve this by making this as easy as possible for the residents of Aberdeen to do their bit – to be the best.”

Households in Aberdeen produce around 120,000 tonnes of waste each year, according to

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