With a growing national conscience about the environment more and more people are becoming aware of the need to recycle and live a little more eco friendly. One area where people are looking at to reduce the waste they dispose of is resorting to washable nappies – doing away with the environmentally damaging disposable nappies.

Even in the service sector, such as nurseries and care facilities, there has been a return of the washable nappy, either through requests by the customer, or by the organisations themselves making an effort to reduce waste and be friendlier to the environment.

Washable nappies are often thought of as difficult to use and troublesome to empty and wash, but this is not necessarily the case. Washable nappies are no more difficult to or time consuming to use than disposable nappies and as long as you have the right equipment – changing, storing and washing nappies can be easy.

65l nappy bin

65l nappy bin


Along with the usual moisturisers and baby powders, the only other requirements in using washable or Terry’s nappies are safety pins (although some modern washable nappies have reusable straps) and a good nappy bin.

The nappy bin is a vital part of the process as this is where the soiled nappies are kept until they are washed and ensuring you have the right nappy bin is a key part of the process.

Requirements of a nappy bin

A good nappy bin needs to have just two requirements. It has to be large enough to contain the nappies that have to be stored in there until they are washed. This can be problematic for some people in the care sector as traditionally nappy bins have only been manufactured for home use; however, as more and more people return to washable nappies there is now more choice and it is possible to get 50 litre and even 65 litre nappy bins.

The second requirement for any good nappy bin is that it has to be able to retain smells. A good lid and a good quality bin are the key to this area. Always choose a good quality nappy bin otherwise smells will leak out.

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